A day in the studio cleaning up.

  Even if it’s just a day hanging out in my studio straighting things up or designing new little ways to help be more organized, I love being here.  Today I am putting my lights into a new case I’ve just recently purchased.  Like the saying goes “A Place for Everything, and Everything in it’s Place”. 


Gift Certificates now available

I am very pleased to announce that Sergei Photography now has Gift Certificates available.Our gift certificates are a nice present for those who do not know just what to get someone for the holidays and they do not expire.



Another great weekend with my camera in hand.

  Spending a nice long holiday weekend doing what I love, making beautiful images.  I spent the afternoon yesterday with a local author to create some photos for an upcoming book of this.  And right now I’m setting up the studio for another wild and fun tub photo shoot with one of my favorite models.  

Playing around in the studio

Spending a nice afternoon in my studio today making something special, a nice little surprise for someone.  I love to get into the studio, get some good music going, and get my brain working on creating images that have been visions inside my head.  Let's see what I can create today ;)