Keeping those skills sharp

In my studio tonight working on a fun little project.  I was watching Friday the 13th (the 2009 version) last weekend and as Jason was making his rounds, cleaning up those pesky teenagers, he turned and the moonlight hit his mask in such a beautiful way.  I loved how it looked so I got myself a Jason Voorhees hockey mask and I am going to play around in my studio and see what I can come up with.  

Here’s the image I screen shot from the movie and another one of myself wearing the mask. 






Let the fun begin!!!





Another great weekend with my camera in hand.

  Spending a nice long holiday weekend doing what I love, making beautiful images.  I spent the afternoon yesterday with a local author to create some photos for an upcoming book of this.  And right now I’m setting up the studio for another wild and fun tub photo shoot with one of my favorite models.